1.  The Jakarta Philatelic Office is one of PT Pos Indonesia's business units that provides and sells philatelic products, both stamps and other philately     items, by publishing them on the website filateli.co.id. For that, we always check and provide the latest information about the supply of philatelic      items through this site.
2.  To better guarantee the certainty of information contained on this site, both regarding the theme, type, price, and number of prints, you can ask us     directly through the Contact Us link.
3.  The Jakarta Philatelic Office as the controller of this site works closely with other parties involved to always maintain the security of the information     on this site. Any damage to the appearance on this site is our responsibility as a controller. If there is a display that is not as it should be, then we as      controllers have the right to delete the display so that visitors do not receive wrong information.